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Nordic ski resorts may be snowless in future


Climate researchers forecast rainy future for resorts
As the changing climate affects the Nordic region, forecasters predict that some ski resorts could end up snowless, or at least without the thick snow needed to maintain business.
Less and less snow is forecast for the coming decades, say climate researchers at Sweden’s main weather agency SMHI.
They have been analysing snowfall in Svealand, central Sweden, and predict that resorts in Isaberg, Yxbacken, Säfsen and Kungsberget could lack thick snow at any time of the year by the end of the century.
“The most dramatic changes will be in Svealand and along the Norrland coast, where the snow season may be shortened by a few months,” weather expert Erik Kjellström told the Swedish broadcaster SVT.
The process has already begun. The snow season in the area is already three weeks shorter in Småland, Närke and Östergötland than it was 50 years ago, the agency’s data indicate.
Climate change may be even more extreme in Scandinavia than in the parts of the world.
Average global temperatures will rise by between 0.5 and five degrees Celsius over the coming 75 years, but in Sweden they could rise by between two and nine degrees. That would bring rain to the country in winter instead of snow.
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