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Nordic countries’ finest eco-friendly cabins?


Norway offers off-grid lodging in rugged landscape
The beauty of the Scandinavian landscape remains undisturbed by the eco-friendly Skåpet Mountain Lodges. The prefabricated weatherproof cabins in Forsand near Stavanger, Norway, opened last month, the design magazine Inhabitat writes.
Designed by Tallinn-based KOKO Architects, the cabins are located on the Rogaland hiking trail and run on solar energy, gas and wood-burning stoves.
The prefab alpine self-catering huts were commissioned by Stavanger Turistforening, an association with 25,000 members that provides active and eco-friendly nature activities.
They operate on a system based on trust: visitors leave money for their stay in a box or fill out an invoice with their personal information. Visitors are expected to replenish the food and materials and clean up before they leave.
The prefabricated structures are clad in weatherproof rolled zinc, the interiors lined with wood. The main building has a kitchen, living area and sleeping area for 30 to 35 trekkers. Smaller lodges accommodate five people each. There is also storage and a sauna, and water can be taken from the lake.


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