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Nordic city is world’s most expensive


Study shows that Oslo is the priciest city in the world

Comparing prices for 122 goods and services, the Swiss bank UBS has made a list of the most expensive cities in the world to live in and to visit. At the top of the list is the Norwegian capital Oslo, closely followed by Zurich and Tokyo. But the residents of Zurich, the Swiss financial capital, have the strongest purchasing power. Copenhagen is third highest in the world for salaries, after Geneva, beating Oslo into fourth place.
When rents are added to the mix, Hong Kong and Dubai jump up the list dramatically. Not counting rents, Dubai ranks 22nd and Hong Kong 32nd. Down at the bottom of the list are Delhi and Mumbai, both for standard of living and for gross salary levels at 6% of the average wage in Zurich.
“Workers in Zurich can buy an iPhone after 22 hours work. In Manila, by contrast, it takes around 20 times longer,” UBS says.
[pictured: Port of Oslo; image copyright Terje Løken; courtesy Cruise Europe]


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