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Nordic cities among best for city breaks


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Best cities worldwide listed for city breaks of different kinds
The Nordic capitals have scored well in a worldwide city-break bucket list, which is topped by London.
Stockholm is 15th best for a weekend away, Copenhagen is in 16th place and Oslo 25th, says getaway website and app weekenGO, which looked at the qualities of 1,000 destinations around the world. Helsinki places 26th, Gothenburg 69th and Reykjavik 95th.
The list shows which places are best for three different types of travellers, with Copenhagen for example ranking 18th for millennials, 32nd for families and 39th for the older baby boomers.
Copenhagen fares well for security, ranking eighth with a score of 97.58/100. It’s also in the top 30 for women’s rights and safety (16), LGBT friendliness (18), museums and galleries (24), bars (27), music venues (27) and concerts (28).
Overall, the Danish capital gets a high ranking thanks to its consistency, as none of its rankings are outside the top 100. Mobility (98) is its lowest position, others including green spaces (33), walkability (37), dining (43) and accommodation (47).
Nine of the top ten cities are in Europe, New York being the only exception in seventh place. Germany takes three of the top ten: Berlin (2), Hamburg (4) and Munich (8). Spain has two spots: Barcelona (9) and Madrid (10). Others in the top 10 are Vienna (3), Paris (5) and Amsterdam (6).
The top hit for millennials is Berlin, Vienna is best for families, Zurich’s at the top for baby boomers. Among the individual characteristics, Oslo is the safest destination in the world for women.
Tokyo is best in the world for dining, Rio for bars, Shanghai for clubs, Paris for music venues, London for concerts, theatres and cinemas, Vancouver for cultural events, LA for museums and galleries, Madrid for LGBT friendliness, Zurich for security, Graz for walkability, Stuttgart for green spaces, Rome for accommodation.
“Given the fact that we looked at over 1,000 cities worldwide, every destination that made it to this top 100 ranking ought to be on your weekend getaway bucket list,” said Tobias Boese, co-founder and managing director of weekenGO.
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