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Nordic businesspeople against low-cost long-haul


More than half still say definite “no” to using them

Business Travel Forecast & Challenges 2014, a new travel industry survey by research firm Resegeometri, has quizzed 4,000 Scandinavian business travellers traveling to Asia and North America on whether they would use budget airlines on long distance.

Based on their experience of low-cost airlines, more than half of Nordic business travellers (53%) still say a definite “no” to using them in this context (52% a year ago); 36% say it’s fairly likely that they will do it (unchanged); and 11% say it’s very likely.

Most adverse to using budget airlines on long-haul are Swedish business travellers, but this year they are joined by Norwegians. Both in Norway and Sweden 56% say that it is not at all likely, the biggest difference from last year being an increasing proportion of Norwegians who have become negative towards budget airlines over the Atlantic.

Resegeometri found the least negative business travellers, for the third year in a row, in Denmark where exactly the same percentage as a year ago (36%) say it is not at all likely.

Jan Borg, Resegeometri Nordic AB deputy CEO: “Budget airlines have still a lot to prove if they want to attract business travellers to their long-haul flights, and such an unlucky start that Norwegian has had with its new Dreamliner does not help of course in that context.”

Nordic Business Travel Forecast & Challenges 2014 is one of several independent analyses of the Nordic business travel market carried out annually by the specialist and research company Resegeometri Nordic AB in partnership with QuickSearch Sweden AB.

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