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Nordic and Baltic airports best in Europe


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Airports around the wider region dominate new survey
In the latest annual Sleeping in Airports survey, which asks travellers around the world to rate airports based on their overall experience, Nordic and Baltic airports have done exceptionally well.
Passengers rank their airport experience based on factors such as comfort, seating, services and facilities, food options, security, cleanliness, navigation and “sleepability”.
In the top 10 airports in Europe, besides some larger hubs there is an increase in the numbers and rankings of smaller airports.
In the number-one sport for the first time is Helsinki Vantaa, after a few years trailing Munich and Amsterdam in the survey.
“The terminal is developing a reputation for being particularly calm, clean and efficient,” the survey results say. “Multiple voters remarked on the speed of travel processes and the pleasant airport staff. The travel experience is further supported by a number of great amenities, including plenty of charging points, a few sleep pods, free Wi-Fi and quick connections to the city.”
Munich slips to number two this year, followed in third place by Tallinn, which “of all the airports voted onto our list of Best Airports in Europe […] gathered – without a doubt – the biggest number of comments.”
Voters praised Tallinn, which they called the world’s “coziest” and most inventive airport, with locally-themed gates, libraries by the gates, children reading the airport announcements and seating made of local fabrics.
Behind Zurich in fourth and Amesterdam fifth, Stockholm Arlanda comes sixth “thanks to great customer service, a good number of charging points, and a few highly sleepable seats”.
Copenhagen is seventh, with “the large padded seats, often located near charging points, and the liberal use of indoor trees […] in this light and airy terminal”.
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