Home News No time limit on MH370 search

No time limit on MH370 search


“Magnitude of search is increasing, not decreasing”

Search teams are putting no time limit on locating missing Malaysia Airlines fight MH370, Australian according to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the BBC reports. The hunt is still being stepped up, he said.

Ten aircraft and 10 ships are combing the seas south-west of Perth for debris. The Beijing-bound jet vanished on March 8 with 239 people on board. The signal from its flight-data recorder lasts about 30 days.

Rescuers are using a tool known as a “towed ping locator” to find the recorder, which will be used once debris from the plane has been found. Several floating objects have been located during the search in recent days, but none is believed to belong to the missing plane.

“We can keep searching for quite some time to come,” Abbott said. “The intensity of our search and the magnitude of our search is increasing, not decreasing.”



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