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Nimb puts vegetables in the limelight at its new restaurant: Gemyse

From farm to fork will take on a new dimension when the Gemyse restaurant opens in Tivoli on 6 April.
Visitors will stroll through the restaurant’s own garden before sitting at a table and enjoying a menu with a spotlight on vegetables to show once and for all that vegetables are anything but dull. In close collaboration with Aarstiderne, a Danish company specialising in organic produce, Gemyse will have a strong organic profile with chef Christoffer Brink at the helm.
Interest in eating vegetables and sustainable produce is rapidly growing. People want less meat on their plates and the distance from farm to fork to be as short as possible. With Gemyse, which is moving into Nimb Terrasse’s rooms, Nimb wants to offer Tivoli’s visitors a green and sustainable alternative without compromising on taste.
Quite the contrary, according to Gemyse’s newly hired head chef Christoffer Brink, who has been Jeppe Foldager’s faithful wingman at Alberto K as well as the Bocuse d’Or culinary competition in 2013, when the pair won silver for Denmark.
“Vegetables can be prepared in many different ways to vary the taste and texture much more than with fish and meat. It motivates me as a chef to show Tivoli’s visitors that vegetables can easily play the starring role in a meal,” says Christoffer Brink.
Exquisitely tasty food
The restaurant will have a clearly relaxed atmosphere. The interior design will be elegant with large windows, open rooms, a view of the garden and long tables for the diners. On your way into the restaurant itself, you walk through Gemyse’s garden which has campfires for visitors to snuggle up around and make e.g. dough twists or toast marshmallows. The food will be served on the table in bowls and on dishes so that diners can taste all the treats of the season. The menu consists of six green courses for DKK 250 per person. Meat and fish can be bought as extras, if diners like, and naturally, desserts can be ordered afterwards.
“We are not fanatics, and of course we serve meat and fish for visitors who would like them. However, I want to show that you can make exquisitely tasty meals from vegetables alone. I am not afraid to use spices from all over the world, so our menu will offer plenty of flavours. At the same time, diners needn’t worry that they’ll leave the table hungry,” says Christoffer Brink, who has doggy bags ready to reduce waste food if diners wish to take surplus food home with them.
Nimb’s general manager, Iben Marburger Juul, is looking forward to Tivoli having its very own vegetable restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen:
“Gemyse is a place where both children and adults can satisfy their curiosity and learn more about the origins of their food. We have noticed that our visitors are becoming more interested in vegetables and are more aware of what they are eating and where it comes from. So Gemyse is a good supplement to the Garden’s other eating venues and the coming Food Hall in Tivoli Corner.”
Close partnership with Aarstiderne
A lot of vegetables would have to be dug up to satisfy the restaurant’s up to 150 visitors as well as the 90 visitors in the newly decorated function and meeting rooms. Gemyse has therefore teamed up closely with Aarstiderne. The restaurant has its own plot of land at Aarstiderne’s farm, Krogerup, where more than 40 different organic crops are grown. In this way, Gemyse will always have access to fresh high-quality vegetables in season, and will also live up to the restaurant’s goal of earning the Danish Organic Food Label Scheme’s silver label, which is given to restaurants where 60-90% of the raw ingredients are organic.
Open all day
Gemyse serves vegetarian delicacies morning, noon and night. With its new surroundings, Nimb wants to give companies and business people the option of a change of scenery.
 “It’s not particularly inspiring to sit in a dark room with a boring view when trying to brainstorm new ideas. Gemyse’s meeting rooms are therefore equipped with large windows and a view of the Tivoli Lake, and if you want a breath of fresh air, just stroll out into the kitchen garden. If hunger strikes, you can fill up on energy with a tasty and healthy dish from the kitchen,” says Iben Marburger Juul.
Facts about Gemyse
Open Monday – Sunday, 12:00.
The kitchen closes at 22:00
86 seats in the restaurant / 24 seats in the greenhouse / 90 seats in the function rooms / 50 seats outside
Prices: Snacks from DKK 35 / 6 vegetable courses DKK 250 (add meat, fish or poultry for DKK 100) / Desserts DKK 75.Children’s menu: 3 vegetable courses + 1 dessert DKK 100 (add meat, fish or poultry for DKK 50).


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