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Next luxury travel trend: wealthy women


More women remain single in successful careers

Independent women with money to spend will be the next big niche in the luxury travel market, delegates at a recent TTG Luxury seminar in London heard.

Lucie Greene, editor of the trends network LS:N Global, said women are increasingly choosing to remain single while having successful careers and cash to spend.

“Women are the next emerging market in luxury,” she said. “By 2020 there’ll be more female millionaires in the UK than male ones.”

Certain brands are already picking up on the trend. Net-a-Porter’s typical customer is 39, female, earns €150,000 a year and travels 11 times a year. Cartier is also targeting the market.

Senior travellers are another key part of the luxury market. Martin Lock, founder of the website and social network Silversurfers, said that businesses must understand how current markets are changing. Most of the growing masses of people over 50 no longer fall into the traditional definition of the older market, he said.

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