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Newly renovated conference centre in Tallinn, Estonia


We are delighted to inform you that one of the biggest conference centres in Tallinn has re-opened at the Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia following a full renovation.
The whole centre delights delegates with a new fresh look. The public foyer area now boasts a trendy and inspiring design, decorated with colourful furniture and beautiful details. Comfortable sofa corners have been created so that visitors can enjoy their coffee breaks or use as a setting for quick inspiring meetings. The whole foyer area is multifunctional, suitable also for exhibitions and receptions.
All of the hotel’s meeting rooms were also freshened up. Two of the rooms acquired a special touch thanks to a mural painted by a local artist. Some of the rooms were made larger so that they could better suit clients’ needs.
As brainstorming requires a different and inspiring atmosphere, one of the rooms was designed with that exact aim, so that it would have all the right elements to elevate efficiency and creativity. A special Brain Box setup with beanbags and small creative details provide the flexibility and help needed to think of great new ideas. Additionally, there is an 82’’ touch screen that can be used in so many ways to make your presentation more convenient and interactive.
The biggest changes are related to the largest hall – Alfa. Thanks to its movable sidewall, it’s possible to open it up so that it lets in natural light while accommodating up to 500 delegates and being completely separated from the rest of the conference centre. The Alfa hall also features a modern FHD video wall and a new sound system for the ultimate presentation experience. Additionally, the room has a multi-colour lighting solution, which helps to create the right atmosphere to support your event’s needs.



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