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Newest Vegas attraction: Horror movie hotel


Horror film director to open Goretorium on Las Vegas Strip

The latest attraction in Las Vegas is the Goretorium, a “hotel” where guests can watch corpses put into a meat grinder for the breakfast buffet. In the bathrooms blood-red liquid drips down the mirrors, and the pillows on the beds are made from human skin. The casino has vintage slot machines, the elevator is haunted, and there are torture chambers, an electric chair, spooky sound effects and a ghostly lounge with zombie dancers. Actors are employed throughout the premises whose main job is to frighten the customers.
It’s all in the imagination, of course, but horror movie director Eli Roth (famous for scary movies like “Hostel”) and his team have worked hard to create the new year-round tourist attraction, due to open on September 27.
“We wanted to create this for horror fans,” says Goretorium CEO Robert H Frey. “There will be a whole lot of screaming going on.”
The cost? Tickets are $40 at the door, $35 online.
USA Today
[photo courtesy Goretorium]


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