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Newest and most luxury ships for a Yangtze river cruise


President No.7 & President No.8 – Maiden Voyage in April, 2013 / Only $449 – $567

The luxurious 5-star President No.7 & President No.8, taking her maiden voyage in April, 2013, are setting up a new standard of deluxe Yangtze ships of President Fleet.

President No.7 & President No.8 regard as the largest cruise ships on the Yangtze which could accommodate about 580 guests. Every guest will have a quiet and cozy cabin to rest.

Moreover, in considering of the comfort of all passengers, President No.7 & President No.8 offer the most personalized service, the most advanced facilities like satellite television & phone, large swimming pool, deluxe cinema, children’s garden, golf course, which made them are quite different from the traditional deluxe President Cruise ships.

Century Paragon & Century Legend – the Newest Yangtze Century Cruises / Only $554 – $716

Century Paragon will make her first voyage in March, 2013 while Century Legend in April, 2013. These two TOP DELUXE Century Cruises are charting a new course for Yangtze River Cruising, giving visitors an entirely new river cruise experience on the Yangtze.

Century Paragon and Century Legend have adopted a state-of-the-art propulsion system that reduces vibration and decreases emissions to reduce environmental impact. Other innovations include the 7-story atrium lobby, the pillar less multifunction lounge with unobstructed views of evening entertainment, and 2,150 square foot heated indoor swimming pool, all firsts on the Yangtze.

Yangtze Gold Cruises – the Newest Yangtze Cruise Fleet / from only $452

Yangtze Gold Cruises had its first cruise Yangtze Gold 1 launched in May 2011, with other six cruises set their maiden voyage before Oct. 2012. It has become the NEWEST & BEST fleet sailing Yangtze River.

Designed to ocean cruise standards, Yangtze Gold Cruises has the unique facilities onboard, like Helipad, open-air surfing swimming pool, double-layer Theater, children’s playground, billiards, Pedestrian Street etc., offer guests the unmatched comfort & luxury.

Aboard the world-top luxury inland river cruises, surely Yangtze Gold Cruise (including Yangtze Gold 1, Yangtze Gold 2, Yangtze Gold 3, Yangtze Gold 5, Yangtze Gold 6, Yangtze Gold 7 & Yangtze Gold 8) will bring you the ultimate Yangtze River experience.


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