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New trend means new records at CPH


Copenhagen Airport sees record-breaking summer 2012

Copenhagen Airport hit a new summer passenger record this year with more than 6.68 million passengers travelling through during June, July and August. The year-to-date increase in passenger numbers is now 3.4%, or 15,726,385 passengers. More than 2.14 million passed through the airport in August, a new monthly record for the airport, up 1.3% year-on-year.
“While travel activity was higher than ever among Danes and other northern Europeans this summer, the passenger numbers for August were also an indication of an interesting trend,” Carsten Nørland, the airport’s VP sales and marketing, pointed out. “School holidays falling later meant an increase in leisure travellers in August. Business travellers, and consequently transfer traffic, also returned from the holidays later than in previous years, and these changes were reflected in the traffic figures.”
International traffic continues to be the main growth driver (+4.1%), while domestic traffic is only slowly beginning to recover from the Cimber Sterling bankruptcy in May. Transfer traffic was down for the first time since the end of 2011 (-1.0%).
TTG Nordic
[pictured: View over Øresund; photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]


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