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New study on airport and travel habits


Travellers study transit airports before flying, survey says

One in three passengers base their travel decisions on transit airports, a new survey finds. The survey, conducted by the Finnish airport operator Finavia in six countries, maps the goals and attitudes of 3,000 people in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan and the UK. Finavia says it sheds new light on the habits and attitudes of air travellers.
Travellers’ needs and expectations differ significantly but can be roughly divided into four groups, the survey says. Four basic groups are identified: “fast and efficient flyers” (38%), “enjoyment seekers” (30%), “habitual travellers” (18%) and “safety seekers” (13%). Of the fast and efficient flyers, two out of three choose their flight connections based on the performance of the transit airport. Up to 40% of habitual travellers do the same. Transit airports are especially important to the British, with 43% paying attention to transit airports while planning their journeys.
The survey also finds that the Japanese favour easily accessible airports while disliking boring ones. In contrast, the British dislike big and busy hubs, favouring small airports with good shopping.
The study also investigated a range of travellers’ rituals and habits, from their purchasing and dining habits to travel routines and superstitious practices. For instance, one in eight travellers say that they always take a lucky charm when flying. Nine per cent of all passenger types (and 25% of the fast and efficient fliers) admit to having a ritual food, drink or tax-free purchase on every trip.
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[pictured: Helsinki Airport; photo courtesy Finavia]



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