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New start-up GoBumpFree revolutionizing personal travel for airline employees

New local start-up company GoBumpFree is leading the way to stress-free personal travel for airline employees, allowing them to take full advantage of their travel benefits at zero risk. Their innovative product, an online portal designed exclusively for airline employees and their families that allows them to book last minute hotel rooms and resorts without any financial risk should they get “bumped,” is the first of its kind.
“Airline employees and their families have the ability to travel for pleasure at a very low cost or for free, however there is always a risk that they will be bumped from the flight and forced to pay a hotel cancellation fee,” says President & CEO Donna Lavallee. “Many times, they are left standing at their departure gate, with no seat on the airplane but a standard pre-existing hotel reservation exists for a set arrival time, that can’t be cancelled.”
GoBumpFree is partnering with hotels and resorts worldwide and has tailored service agreements to the unique travel requirements of airline employees who book though GoBumpFree’s online portal. Airline employees have exclusive access to the online portal and are able to sign up for free, book their hotel room or resort and cancel should they get “bumped” with zero risk.
“As a former airline employee, I was always concerned with the risk and obligation of being ‘bumped’ when using ‘space available’ benefits for personal travel,” says Lavallee. “I knew that there must be a better way, which sparked my idea for GoBumpFree.”
Support from ACOA, NSBI and BDC, and having won first place in Zone 3 in the I-3 Technology Start-Up competition through Innovacorp, provided the funding for Lavallee to pursue this business venture.
GoBumpFree is partnering with airlines as well as hotels from all over the world, including various Delta, Choice Hotels, Radisson, Oasis, Best Western, Marriot and Hampton Inn locations, GoBumpFree is poised to achieve success internationally serving both airline employees as well as hotels.
With GoBumpFree, participating hotels and resorts are able to sell off their last minute available inventory and have a viable option for incremental revenue.
“We are thrilled with the interest and positive feedback that we’ve received so far and are looking forward to the development of some exciting partnerships,” says Lavallee. “It’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to see how we will continue to develop and grow GoBumpFree – the sky is the limit.”


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