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New Package Travel Directive draft due in July


Pledge follows fears directive would be scrapped

A draft of the revised Package Travel Directive will be revealed by the end of July, the European Commission has confirmed. This follows fears that the directive would be scrapped altogether, though the EU now says reform is the way ahead.
The EU directive covers issues such as the content of brochures, information for clients, terms of contracts, solutions for consumers in the event of a failure to deliver and compulsory refunds and repatriation in the event of insolvency. But numerous faults lie within the directive. A revised PTD draft had initially been expected in early 2013, but the date was later pushed back.
The European Commission is now moving ahead with an important step in the proposed revisions to the directive involving the Inter-Service Consultation – the final stage of the commssion’s internal editing process. Activity amending the proposal will not begin in the European Parliament until September 2013, however. A quick negotiation process would then be needed for the directive to complete its legislative progress before European elections in May 2014.
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