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New management team at 62°N


Ownership of Faroese operator changes

Tummas Christophersen, co-owner since 2007 of the Faroes’ oldest incoming operator 62ºN, has bought shares from Kent L Christensen and is now the sole owner of the company, it has been announced.

Heidi Petersen, who has been chairman of the board since 2007, takes over as the company’s managing director. The new owner says he is fully committed to 62ºN and will do all he can to take the company forward.

“We bought the company in order to create security and stability while strengthening the economic base,” the company, which was founded in 1963, said in a statement. “Furthermore, we will continue to strengthen our incoming business, as we see an opportunity to make a difference and increase our activity within this area.

Our field of business will remain the same: incoming and outgoing travel, car rental and airport handling.”

All employees will continue, the statement reassured, and “the efficient incoming department with Hildur Durhuus in front will also continue with the current staff. They will continue to provide a good and professional service and develop the products to suit the requirements. This means that we can offer fixed packages, as well as tailor-made programs for individuals, groups and special events.

We look forward to continuing our cooperation with our partners, as 62ºN continues to be the leading travel partner in the Faroe Islands regarding both in- and outbound customers.”


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