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New ibis campaign is out!


ibis is in the habit of making a strong impression with its striking advertising campaigns. This time it is staging the service attitude of a receptionist who is particularly attentive towards her customers.

The creative side of the campaign uses an effective advertising symbol: the baby. Launched on June 8, the campaign aims to support the ibis summer promotional offer: 10 or 15 Euros of savings every night at more than 600 hotels in 27 countries! The offer, which is accessible only on the Internet at ibishotel.com and accorhotels.com, is valid for all stays between July 8 and September 4.

“This summer at ibis hotels, we’ve cut the price, not the service”
Orchestrated over a two-month period, the communication plan rests on a media strategy developed as follows:

– A pretty TV film stages a young couple with tenderness and a touch of humour. The parents are fast asleep whereas their newborn baby is awake in his bed and surprisingly calm… tenderly soothed by a melody coming from the telephone hanging in his cradle. 

At the other end of the line, the receptionist tries to hum the lullaby as best she can into the child’s ears: this narrative device symbolises the attention ibis gives to its customers.

– Media banners visible on most of the main European portals such as Yahoo (Germany, Spain and Italy) Tripadvisor, Mappy, Via Michelin, and msn (Switzerland) will be put on line with the slogan “This summer at ibis hotels, we’ve cut the price, not the service”

– Finally, a press campaign developed in keeping with the campaign’s creative idea, presenting an ibis employee caring for a baby, will appear in certain European countries.


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