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New high-speed trains reach 530kph


Brakes tested on “fastest in the world” rail services

High-speed trains in China have set a new record, with brakes successfully tested at speeds reaching 530kph. The speed breaks the previous record of a CRH380A bullet train in China in 2010 that reached speeds in excess of 486kph. China’s high-speed rail network currently has speeds limited to 250kph. The new experiments were undertaken to test the durability of the trains’ brake systems. China says that the testing procedure could help international as well as Chinese manufacturers with production.
“The speed is the fastest in the world, higher than a similar test procedure in Germany that allowed a maximum speed of around 400kph,” Li Heping, a China Academy of Railway Sciences researcher told the China Daily.
[pictured: Japan’s E2 Series Shinkansen, whose technology has been acquired by China]


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