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New Easter Island app launched this week


Easter Island has long appealed to the curious traveller, both for its unbelievable isolation and the world-famous stone statues, or moais.  Whether you’re planning to visit this remote island, or are simply curious to see more of it without stepping onto a plane, this App reveals it all. Stunning photographs by long-term resident photographer and British Honorary Consul, James Grant-Peterkin.

The App includes all of the island’s most enigmatic sites, including Rano Raraku, the moai quarry where almost 400 statues still lie, unfinished since the islanders famously downed tools due to increasing pressure on their dwindling resources. 

It also gives potential visitors an idea of the available activities here, including diving in some of the world’s clearest waters.The Tapati Rapa Nui is the yearly cultural festival that takes place each February, bringing together the entire island, and even including any visitors on the island at that time.

Available for both iPad and iPhone:http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/easter-island/id525215861?mt=8


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