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New Duty Free and Travel Value shops at Avinor Bergen Airport


The new Heinemann Duty Free arrival shop as well as a new Travel Value shop at Avinor Bergen Airport have opened. The overall arrival retail space now adds up to 1,100 square meters, which is more than twice the size of the former arrival store. The two new shops were constructed in conjunction with the expansion of the Terminal 3 of Bergen Airport.
Travel Retail Norway AS (TRN) and Gebr. Heinemann are delighted to finally have an arrival store in Bergen that is suited for the large increase of passengers the airport has seen over the last years: “Bergen Airport will now have a large arrival store with a great variety of products. We have been waiting for this for a long time, and are looking forward to greeting and serving all our customers in the new shop”, says CEO of TRN, Håkon Fjeld-Hansen.
The area of the former Duty Free arrival store at Bergen Airport covered merely 400 square meters, and it was only used by arriving passengers from non-Schengen countries. The size of the new Duty Free arrival shop provides more space for customers, reduces congestion and accommodates a wider range of goods. “Our store in Bergen used to be for both arriving and departing passengers. By separating them – as we already do in Oslo – we will now be able to tailor the shopping experience to the different needs that our customers have. This has proven to be a success in Norway with Oslo as one of the world’s biggest arrival Duty Free stores”, says Fjeld-Hansen.
The new Travel Value shop of 230 square meters will offer a wide range of products from perfume and cosmetics to sunglasses as well as other fashion and accessories. The store will have the newest design from Heinemann Duty Free with consideration of local design and architecture in Bergen. This concept has been a commercial success in Oslo and Trondheim, and TRN and Gebr. Heinemann are certain it will be a success in Bergen as well.
Highlights of the new improvements in the new Duty Free shop at Bergen Airport:
• Designated arrival store for all passengers at Bergen Airport
• Far wider cosmetic range for women with 76 different brands
• Significantly better wine selection, with 75 additional wines and a total of 430 wines
• 58 types of beer
• More local and ecological products
• Designated area for gifting
• More Norwegian quality products
TRN will invest a total of approximately NOK 40 million in duty free and travel value at Bergen Airport in connection with the expansion of the airport. In addition to the two new shops in the new Terminal 3, TRN and Gebr. Heinemann operate a Duty Free departure shop in Terminal 2.


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