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New Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A-330/200 start to fly to Europe


Aerolineas Argentinas marks a new milestone in its history by flying to Madrid with a modern, safe and efficient 2-engine plane. The A-330 are the aircraft recently incorporated into the flag carrier’s fleet, which will start its regular flights to the Spanish capital from next July 1.

On Monday May 4, the first ETOPS (Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards) flight of a commercial operator of our country departed to Madrid. After months of work and dedication, the flag carrier is put back to the forefront and gets the approval from the ANAC (National Civil Aviation Administration) and from the Airbus manufacturer for operations of this type.
Aerolineas Argentinas’ chairman, Mariano Recalde said: “It is an honor for our company and a historic event for our country to have achieved this certification, which is the result of the professional and highly qualified work of our technical teams. Aerolíneas is leader in aeronautics technology and research”.
After this certification, the ANAC – National Civil Aviation Administration – allows the company to operate long-haul routes with twin-engine aircrafts, by flying segments exceeding 60 minutes flight to the first suitable alternative airport.
These operations are a fundamental part for the full utilization of the new aircrafts that the company is incorporating as part of its fleet renewal plan. The A-330 planes, LV- FVH and LV-FVI recently joined, will fly regularly to Madrid as of July giving our passengers more comfort and the most modern on-board entertainment system.


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