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New $10,000-a-night cruise suite nearly sold out


Regent Suite is twice the size of an average house
Demand is said to be hot for one of the biggest suites ever built on a cruise ship. The 360-square-metre Regent Suite will be on board Regent Seven Seas’ next ship, the 750-passenger Seven Seas Explorer, scheduled to launch next July.
There seems to be no limit to the amount the wealthy will pay for a cruise cabin. The ultra-luxury suite is already nearly sold out up to late 2016, despite its $10,000-a-night price tag.
The suite is billed as the most luxurious cruise suite ever. It will be 50% larger than the average house in the USA and feature two bedrooms, a huge living room and its own private spa with personal sauna, steam room and treatment zone.
“Of the first 15 sailings we have, there is only one where the suite still is available,” Jason Montague, president and chief operating officer at Regent Seven Seas parent company Prestige Cruise Holdings, tells USA Today.
USA Today


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