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Nepal to raise fees for tourists in March


Funds to be used to promote Nepal internationally

Nepal is doubling its tourism service fee for all non-Nepalese nationals departing any international airport in the country, starting March 1, in an effort to boost its marketing funds.

The fee will increase to 1,130 Nepalese rupees (€8.30), up from 565 rupees. This is on top of the mandatory 1,100 Nepalese rupee airport tax, meaning that each foreign traveller must pay a total of 2,230 Nepalese rupees when leaving Nepal.

“Due to rising prices in the international market and the devaluation of the Nepalese rupee, it has become inevitable to raise the fee in order to be able to promote our destination as required in the current tussle for tourist destinations worldwide,” Nepal Tourism Board CEO Subhash Niraula explained.

The tourist board said it would use the funds to develop and promote Nepal internationally through participation in trade events and roadshows.

“With a bigger budget, NTB will now prepare and implement a five-year plan to penetrate markets that have been unexplored before,” Niraula pledged.

Foreign tourist arrivals to Nepal grew 0.3% in 2013 from 2012’s 803,100 arrivals. Visitors from India, its biggest source market, declined 15.8%. China ranks second, followed by Sri Lanka, the US and the UK. Average length of stay for tourists is 12 to 13 days.

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