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Nature, Architecture, You: At Hofgut Hafnerleiten the guest is the center of attention


Experience a fantastic blend between nature and architecture, whilst being the center of attention in the tranquil and relaxed atmosphere of Hofgut Hafnerleiten in Bad Birnbach, Germany. In the midst of the gently rolling Lower Bavarian landscape, nestled in meadows and fields, Hofgut Hafnerleiten’s guest houses offer a stunning and individual architecture amidst ponds and trees.

At Hogut Hafnerleiten, the word “luxury” stands for being close to nature, peace and time. It is the perfect retreat to flee the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to regain your inner senses, whilst being the center of attention. Would you like to take a break, without travelling too far away? Then profit from the health package “juice fast” at Hofgut Hafnerleiten. The package includes 3 nights accommodation in one of the lovely guest houses, a daily walk through the meadows and fields with the host, a sauna visit and a 70-minute massage as well as an evening in front of the fireplace for a valuable presentation on metabolism. The package starts at 525 Euros for 2 persons sharing. Further information at www.hofgut.info.

A stay at Hofgut Hafnerleiten is something special. You live alone in pairs, comfortable in your own little house, idyllic in the middle of nature. At Hofgut you can find seven individual theme houses, which perfectly blend with the surrounding landscape. Each one is individually designed and offers a special connection between indoor and outdoor. Whether “Water House”, “Meadow House” or “Tree House” – the respective position provides each house its theme and its name. The “Rottaler Langhaeuser” complete the living arrangement at Hofgut. Above all, they are interesting for longer stays. The living area is more spacious and offers you more privacy, with its implemented kitchen even more freedom. A total number of 3: “House at the lake”, “House at the meadows” and “House at the forest” – the houses are especially inspiring for architecture- and design lovers.

Nature is vacation for the soul – for the body it is wellness. To ensure pure relaxation, Hofgut “spread” five cubic structures into the surrounding nature, each one offering something different and something to relax. Here you can find pure bliss – in the spirit of recovering and healthiness of body and soul. The main building at Hofgut is the family estate and with its kitchen the heart of Hofgut. Using regional products and fresh natural ingredients, the host and “Euro-Toques” chef Erwin Rueckerl creates exquisite dishes from the rural Mediterranean kitchen – the “Cucina Casalinga” that guests can enjoy together around the family table in the evening. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and retreat to Hofgut Hafnerleiten in Germany for an experience between nature and architecture.


Hofgut Hafnerleiten | Brunndobl 16 | 84364 Bad Birnbach | Germany | Tel: +49 (0)8563-91511 | E-Mail: post@hofgut.info | Web: www.hofgut.info


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