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Nationalities most likely to steal from hotels


Guests can pack a lot of hotel stuff into their suitcases
Hoteliers may become more vigilant as a new survey lists the nationalities most likely to steal objects from their hotel rooms. But the list relies on people’s honesty in the survey’s questions.
Toiletries are not included in the survey, as it is accepted that so many guests take them anyway, but hotels do not generally like it when towels and bathrobes go missing.
The biggest culprits appear to be from Argentina, as many as 73% of whom admitted to having stolen such things from hotel stays, according to the Hotels.com poll. Not far behind, on 71% and 70%, are Singaporean and Spanish guests.
At the other end of the scale, Colombian guests seem to be the most honest of all nationalities, with only 31% admitting to stealing from hotel rooms.
Some hotels have taken the step of prosecuting thieves. A Nigerian woman spent three months behind bars for taking towels at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja Hotel, and a hotel in Japan recently called police to arrest a couple for taking an ashtray and bathrobes. Hotels have deployed chip technology in an effort to catch guilty guests.
Top 10 nationalities most likely to steal, according to the Hotels.com survey:
Argentina – 73%
Singapore – 71%
Spain – 70%
Germany – 68%
Ireland – 67%
Russia – 59%
Mexico – 59%
Italy – 57%
Japan – 56%
USA – 53%
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