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Mystifly offers anywhere-to-anywhere airfare consolidation platform


MyFareBox platform has the most trusted and reliable wholesaler network across the globe, through which travel customers around the world can find the lowest airfares.

They can now reap revenue and unmatched customer service delight that MyFareBox platform already offers, without being exposed to instability in foreign currency or rate of exchange losses!
Travel agencies, tour operators, online travel agents, and travel management companies from over 22 countries use Mystifly’s MyFareBox platform to book and ticket lowest airfares from anywhere to anywhere. Travel organizations’ websites with travel booking capabilities can easily access MyFareBox content via OnePoint web services and select specific options that meet their individual business needs.
Norman Gage, Country Manager (UK and Ireland) for Mystifly, stated: “The product offers an unified global platform that fits well for travel organizations of all sizes. It dilutes the barrier of boundaries and opens up the entire world for TMCs and tour operators to do business from.”
This booking platform can access different fare types, including IATA fares, private/consolidator airfares, market-based special airfares, web airfares, or any other airfares prevalent in a particular market.
Christian Gleave, Chief Executive of Review Travel commented: “We have invested in MyFareBox so we are able to offer our clients the lowest possible air fares for travel originating in more than 51 countries across Europe, the United States, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. This investment demonstrates our commitment to providing our clients with the best value business travel, and the importance we place on providing the highest level of service.”
Review Travel is one of the first TMCs from the UK to sign up for the MyFareBox platform. The MyFareBox platform offers these special fares across geographies as net fares, and users can add their mark-ups while issuing tickets to their clients. In other words, procuring flight tickets at a much lower price and being able to adjust mark-ups based on their business objectives, will allow travel organizations to stay competitive and profitable.


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