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Myanmar Travel releases travel tips for cruises in Myanmar


MYANMAR – April 27th, 2012 – Myanmar Tours (www.myanmartours.asia) has released their top tips for a beautiful cruises in Myanmar.

1. Cruising Areas

Most of Myanmar Cruises populates in Irrawaddy, Chindwin and Yangon river.Luxury cruises such as Road to Mandalay, Pandaw or PauKan cruises offers journeys in Irrawaddy river and Chindwin River.Amara and Twante Cruises offers trips on Yangon river also.Ocean cruises concentrates mostly in Mergui Archipelago.

2. Best time to cruise:

Many of Myanmar Cruises stops cruising during the rainy time which lasts from May to first half of Oct.The best time to enjoy Myanmar cruises in from Oct to April.

4. Overnight crusies:

We recommend you to take: Road to Mandalay, Pandaw, Paukan or Amara Cruises for overnight options.

5. Day cruises:

There are day cruises in Yangon ( to Twante), Mingun ( In Mandalay) and from Mandalay to Bagan.

6. How long should you book the cruise in advance?

Luxury cruises should be book 6th months prior to your travel date.Most of cruises are fully booked from Jan to March. If you travel in this time, try to book as soon as possilble.

7. Connect cruise with a tour ?

Very possible. The ideal destination to do this is either Bagan or Mandalay. These piers are the best to link a trip with cruises in Myanmar.

Source: http://www.myanmartours.asia/myanmar-cruises / http://www.laostours.asia


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