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Movie star explains aircraft toilet incident


French film star explains why he didn’t use aircraft toilet

French actor Gerard Depardieu hit the headlines last month when he opted to take a pee in the cabin surrounded by his fellow passengers, instead of using the toilet. Appearing on a US TV show hosted by Anderson Cooper, he explained that while the Air France Avro RJ85 was taxiing to the runway he desperately needed to use the toilet but a stewardess refused because the plane was about to take off. Instead, at the suggestion of a friend, he urinated into a bottle – but the bottle was too small, resulting in a mess. The aircraft returned the terminal and Depardieu was escorted off the plane.
The star protested his innocence. “I’m not a monster. I’m just a man who wants to pee. I don’t understand why she blocked the door,” he said on the show. “The bottle was too small, you know. I am an elephant… I said: ‘Don’t worry, I will clean it up’.”
[photo by Kristoferb]


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