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Movie cliffhanger at Pulpit Rock


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Scenes for Mission: Impossible 6 to record in November
Norway’s increasingly popular vertigo-inducing cliff Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, is likely to become even more famous after featuring in the next Mission: Impossible movie.
Scenes for the sixth film in the franchise are scheduled to record next month, during which the tourist attraction will be closed for three days, from November 8 to 10.
Recording was originally set for September but was postponed after lead actor Tom Cruise injured himself during a stunt in London.
Around 300,000 people have visited Preikestolen in 2017, but there are far fewer in November – no more than 100 tourists during the month, according to the Pulpit Rock foundation Stiftelsen Preikestolen.
“The positive thing about recording in the winter is that it is a season with much less activity in the area. It can help market the Pulpit Rock as a year-round tourist destination, so that everyone doesn’t come in August,” says Per-Henry Borch of the film production company Truenorth.
Several hundred people will take part in the recording at the site, and the film company has been granted up to 50 helicopter landings per day. Local actor Kristoffer Joner features in the movie and has already recorded scenes with Cruise.
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