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Mother “humiliated” by binning breast milk


Heathrow security orders mother to bin 15 litres
A mother of two was “humiliated” after being forced by Heathrow airport security to bin almost 15 litres of breast milk. Jessica Coakley Martinez hit out at the London airport in an open letter published on Facebook, calling the rules “incredibly unfair”.
Restrictions for carrying liquids on flights departing the UK have been in place since 2006, when a terrorist plot to detonate liquid explosives on seven transatlantic airliners was stopped.
But Martinez, who was not travelling with her eight-month-old son at the time, vented frustration at her treatment, saying: “You made me dump out nearly two weeks’ worth of food for my son”.
According to Heathrow’s website, exceptions are made for baby food and baby milk, but the passenger must be travelling with an infant. It says that excess liquids should be carried as hold luggage.
Martinez, from the USA, admits she should have checked the rules, but she believes that not allowing a mother travelling alone to take breast milk through security was “incredibly unfair and exclusionary in consideration of all of the other working mothers like me”.
She said that most of the 15 litres of milk was “frozen solid” but that she was ordered to dump that too.
“I was willing to let go of the liquid milk. But you also wanted the solid milk because it could ‘melt and become a liquid’,” she said. “I now don’t have the option to solely breastfeed my son because I don’t have enough milk to supply him while I’m at work, despite all of my best efforts. Security is the priority, but it isn’t and shouldn’t be your only goal, and it certainly shouldn’t punish those you intend to protect.”
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