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Moscow Domodedovo: taste the world


The 104 new meals presented by the Domodedovo Catering Service for the fall-winter 2012-2013, were rated by the independent experts together with airlines representatives, airport employees, journalists, and bloggers, participating in the Food Sampling Council.

The World on a Plate concept, introduced in spring this year, has been developed further for the fall-winter season.

– The airlines which introduced the new meals and their passengers highly appreciated our The World on a Plate concept, – told us Irina Kariakina, Director of the Domodedovo Catering Service, – To promote diversity and offer new choices for the passengers we added an opportunity to mix foods of four original cuisines, European, American, Russian, and Asian, in one meal.
Melon & Papaya fruit salad, rice and spinach salad, oriental style baked chicken kebab with tomato sauce and coriander, salmon with sesame in cream sauce with dill and lemon have become indisputable leaders of the sampling. The Food Sampling Council members also highlighted the chocolate and mint tarts – an excellent, perfectly chosen combination where the ingredients do not spoil the taste, but gently accentuate the taste of each other!

Alexander Chugunov, a prominent blogger, paid a tribute to the sauces presented at the Sampling Council and wrote in his blog: “The sauces and toppings by Domodedovo Catering Service deserve special attention: mushroom sauce, bйchamel sauce, tomato sauce with coriander, honey and mustard topping, cream sauce with dill and lemon, orange sauce with karri, etc. I highly recommend all of them to try.”
The renewed menu, created with the assistance of Rainer Sigg, a guest Chief, world class professional, Michelin Stars’ holder, the travelers will be able to try starting from October this year.
Domodedovo Catering Service of Moscow Domodedovo is the largest in-flight catering provider in Russia and Europe. It services all passenger classes and its capacity amounts to 80 000 meals per day. The assortment of products include a wide range of hot plates, cold dishes, desserts, sweets, including standard meals (hot and cold dishes, tinned food, snacks) and special meals (for Muslims, oriental, diet dishes, vegetarian, children’s menu, etc.). The Service applies a food quality and safety management system based on HACCP principles.
Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the largest airport in passenger traffic in Russia. As a result of 2011 the airport served 25,701,610 people, which enabled him to become one of the largest airports in Europe by the ACI classification. Moscow Domodedovo Airport was selected by the leading global aviation alliances, Star Alliance and oneworld, for their flights to Moscow. Since 2010 Moscow Domodedovo Airport has been on the first line of the list of the best airports in Eastern Europe for quality of service, according to the annual survey of Skytrax Research, an independent research company (UK).


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