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More young people booking travel via agents


More than half of agents report growth in Millennial clients
Travel agents will be heartened to hear the results of a new survey that says that agencies are reporting an increase in Millennials – people born since the early 1980s – are turning to travel agent services as opposed to booking independently.
Of the respondents to the survey, organised by the luxury boutique hotel chain L.E. Hotels, 51.5% reported they saw a growth in Millennial clients. Of these, 60.6% said Millennials made up 10-25% of their new business clients in the past two years.
Another 18% of those who saw growth said Millennials made up less than 10%, and 12% said Millennials accounted for 26-50% of new clients in the past two years.
The survey also found other industry trends. Of all the travel agents surveyed, 84% predict that the industry will continue to see higher demand for hotel rooms and increased prices in 2016.
Over the past year, 60% of respondents saw an increase in bookings, 35.9% saw no dramatic change in bookings, and 3.9% saw a decrease in bookings.
The findings also show that 62% of travel agents surveyed believe sites like Airbnb will continue to rise in popularity for business travellers in 2016.
However, agents are split on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with 46% of respondents saying information found on such sites influence their suggestions to clients, while 53% say it doesn’t.
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