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More travel agents visit Reunion Island to learn about island’s attractions


Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) continues their efforts to bring leading travel agents from mainland France to the island, working hand in hand with such local DMCs like Passion Outremer. Ten participants in such a recently-organized fam trip came to this French Indian Ocean island to sample hotels and attractions over several days.

The objective of this third edition of the so-called “Dodo Tour 2014” is to encourage tour operators to program and sell “Destination Reunion” where visitors can discover the diversity of natural and cultural heritage of the island. Organized and planned by Passion Outremer, the group went to visit the lush Salazie and village Hell-Bourg, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages of France,” a befitting accolade as witnessed by this correspondent last year during a visit to Reunion Island. There, they were able to admire the waterfall, Bridal Veil, and take a walk on the side of the islet Be-Mahot with its often breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

The tourism professionals also visited the Spa Hotel Les Jardins d`Heva and Le Relais Treetop. The next day they explored the lava flows that reached the ocean a few years earlier. After the visit of the Garden of Perfumes and Spices in Saint-Philippe, they also visited the site of Cap Wicked where the waves of the Indian Ocean come crashing against the cliff of basaltic rock. Another stop at the Etang-Sale enabled the travel agency professionals to visit the Hotel Floralys before finishing at the Novotel Saint-Gilles-les-Bains.

The highlight of the education tour, however, was no doubt the helicopter ride over the rugged interior of the island and a visit to the Saga du Rhum Museum near St. Pierre. For more information about Reunion, visit www.reunion.fr


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