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More tourists killed on Thai roads


Travellers killed on round-the-world cycling trip

The rising death rates among tourists on Thailand’s roads increased further this week. Two British tourists on a round-the-world cycling trip were killed when a pick-up truck hit them after veering out of its lane.
The couple, Mary Thompson and Peter Root from the island of Guernsey, were in their mid-thirties and had been documenting their travels on their blog, twoonfourwheels.com. They had already journeyed across 23 countries, including Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and China.
According to media reports, the couple were cycling on the hard shoulder of a main road in eastern Chachoengsao province. The 25-year-old Thai truck driver had reached down to pick up his hat from the floor of the truck, causing the vehicle to swerve. He was arrested at the scene.
As previously reported, Thai authorities plan to hand out road safety handbooks to tourists in an attempt to stop the rising tide of fatalities on the country’s highways.
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