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More space and comfort on Estonian Air flights


Estonian Air in partnership with Optiontown, has introduced for its passengers a chance to secure empty seats next to their seat at a nominal price, elevating their travel comfort and experience. This way passengers can enjoy bigger space during their flight.

To order the empty seat next to their seat next passengers have to go to Estonian Air website http://estonian-air.ee/en/travel-information/before-the-flight/services-before-the-flight/empty-seat/,  click on the link www.optiontown.com  and choose ‘the Empty Seat Option’ from the horizontal product tab.

Only a limited number of options are offered for each flight based on availability of rows of empty seats and other factors, and hence an Empty Seat Sign-up does not guarantee an empty seat. In case passengers are not assigned to empty seat(s), the empty seat price for that flight will be automatically refunded within five business days after flight departure.

Estonian Air is developing its on-board service concept. Passengers have now more choices to design their travel conditions and get the price which is most suitable to their wallet and wishes. Estonian Air has five fare type: two for travellers in Premium Class and three in Travel class cabin. The concept allows the passengers in Travel Class cabin to: ECO Light (the most affordable fare without baggage and snacks), ECO (checked-in baggage is included, without snacks) and ECO Plus (checked-in baggage and onboard snack are included).

In addition, Estonian Air offers for its Travel Class passengers a possibility to pre-order food on its flights. The pre-order menu includes delicious meals from light snacks to steaks, while different drink and snack combos are also available.

Passengers in Premium Class cabin can choose between ECO Flex (baggage and restaurant designed menu is included, ticket change conditions) and Business (baggage and restaurant designed menu is included, ticket change conditions, lounge access and Fast track are included).

AS Estonian Air, Estonia’s national carrier, provides both business travellers and tourists direct air link from Estonia to European cities. Estonian Air is the biggest operator at Tallinn Airport. Estonian Air focuses on improving the connection between Estonia and the rest of the world with the aim of increasing competitiveness as a network carrier hub. The airline flies currently to 23 destinations in Europe, Scandinavia and in CIS. The ticket prices start at 49.90 euros, if purchased from www.estonian-air.com,  including all fees and taxes. Estonian Air was recently chosen among the top 5 airlines in Northern Europe by Skytrax.


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