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More passengers using airline apps


Survey shows vast majority prefer apps to people
Passengers have embraced airline apps, according to a new survey by Helpshift, which found that most travellers prefer to use an app instead of contact customer service.
As many as 83% of American travellers and 95% of airline loyalty members appreciate airline apps, the survey says. But it also finds that 74% of Americans believe the Trump administration is making travel more difficult, particularly with the Muslim travel and laptop bans.
Almost 90% of travellers say they want to use a customer support feature in an airline app while flying. Asked why, they cite convenience (61%), not having to wait for a flight attendant (36%), needing help connecting to Wi-Fi (38%) and cabin crew being too busy handling difficult passengers (26%).
More than 80% of American adults use smartphone apps to manage their lives. More than 20% use airline apps.
“There is a marked shift occurring in consumer expectations around how they interact with brands,” said Abinash Tripathy, founder and CEO of Helpshift. “People want to interact with brands the way they interact with friends: through messages and apps.”


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