Home News More hotel guests use smartphones for keys

More hotel guests use smartphones for keys


Hotel plastic key cards will be a thing of the past

More hotels are replacing plastic key cards with technology where guests can use their smartphones to open the doors of their rooms. The plastic key cards universally used at the moment can easily be demagnetized by credit cards or not work for some other reason. But new technology will eventually do away with them altogether, according to Asian hotel booking site Agoda.com.
Seoul’s Hotel Skypark Central, for example, gives guests an LG smartphone on check-in which uses NFC technology to unlock their rooms. It also connects to Wi-Fi.
Not all phones are equipped with NFC technology, but there is a way around this. The Oslo Comfort Xpress and the Comfort Hotel Børsparken in Oslo are using technology by a company called OpenWays, which sends a unique single-use tone to your phone which you then hold against the lock for the door to open.
[photo courtesy Hotel Skypark Central]


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