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More fun in the Philippines – for return visitors


Tourists invited back with discounts and exclusive deals
A successful year-long campaign in 2015 has inspired the Philippines’ Department of Tourism to extend another year of welcome to overseas travellers.
The Visit the Philippines Again 2016 campaign will focus especially on travellers who have had a great time in the destination before, with lures being exclusive travel deals, discounted air fares and hotel stays.
“It is to continue the momentum that we are having, despite challenges in the region,” explained the department’s Gerard Panga. “We are still seeing a good increase of 8% in arrivals, so we are on target to hit 5.2 million footfalls for 2015.”
The decision to boost tourism through repeat travellers is based on findings that 60% of visitors to the Philippines have toured the country before, Panga said.
The government is also looking at a route development program to encourage more flights to the country and lower the barriers of entry for foreign visitors.
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