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More debris “almost certainly” from Flight 370


Which pieces of the missing jet have been found so far?
Two more pieces of debris found on the coasts of South Africa and Rodrigues Island near Mauritius are “almost certainly” from missing Flight 370, Malaysia said today. That brings the total number of pieces believed to be from the plane to five.
The aircraft vanished more than two years ago with 239 people on board. An extensive underwater search of a massive section of the Indian Ocean has failed to find any trace of it.
The two new pieces are part of a cabin panel – the first interior part discovered so far – and an engine cowling piece with partial Rolls-Royce logo.
All five pieces have been found around the Indian Ocean, including a wing part on Reunion Island and two pieces on the coast of Mozambique. The Malaysia Airlines jet is thought to have crashed in a remote stretch of the southern Indian Ocean some 1,800 kilometres off the west coast of Australia.


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