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Monday most popular


The results of a survey engine Momondo has done. The analysis shows that in the 100 most searched travel from Stockholm and Copenhagen are the most popular day of travel budget friendly Mondays, while traveling from Oslo prefer to start their holidays on Saturdays even though it is known as the most expensive day of departure.

– Generally, it is more expensive to travel on weekends than weekdays. Tips for those who will make a spontaneous trip this summer is to be flexible, there is much money to be saved. Choose the days and times where prices are lowest, that is, there is often a greater opportunity to do during their summer vacation, says Robin Eriksson, Marketing Momondo Sweden.

The analysis also shows that Bangkok is a clear first place as the favorite destination, followed by New York before Barcelona is in third place for both the Swedes and the Danes while Norwegians choose to go to Manila.


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