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MICE boosts luxury travel in Vietnam


Vietnamese luxury tourism at 30% growth in 2013

Luxury tourism in Vietnam is looking at 30% growth in 2013, despite the world’s ongoing economic uncertainties. The head of the tour operator Luxury Travel Ltd says that the outlook for his company this year is rosy. The trend is benefiting from a rapidly increasing number of luxury cruise ships docking at Vietnam’s ports as well as increasing interest in MICE in the country.
“High-end travellers still have money and time, and they can travel even during the financial crisis,” Pham Ha, Luxury Travel Ltd founder and CEO, said. The company said it served more than half of the estimated 10,000 high-end travellers to Indochina in 2012.
The cost of “an average lavish tour” ranges from $2,500 to $3,500 per person for a seven-day tour, Pham said, with many tours priced at over $1,000 a day per visitor.
The services are often linked with MICE tourism, serving customers who visit Vietnam for business but would like also to spend some time travelling in style. Some experts think that the MICE “tigers” of Southeast Asia, Singapore and Malaysia, have maxed out their venue capacity, but Vietnam is a fast-growing MICE destination.
[pictured: Dong Hoi, Vietnam; photo by Marc Sievert, courtesy Travelphotos24]


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