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MH370 families turn to crowdsourcing


Families to raise $5mn for investigation and reward

It is exactly three months since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared with 239 people on board. Frustrated by the lack of progress, relatives are now preparing to launch their own effort to raise $5 million, both for investigations and for a “whistle-blower” reward.

Reward MH370 is a fundraiser expected to begin on the crowdsourcing website Indiegogo.

“This mystery is unprecedented in the history of aviation, and we need to work as a collective community with one goal of finding the truth, the plane and the passengers,” project leader Ethan Hunt said.

Someone knows where the plane is, he added, and the money will be an incentive for that person to come forward.

“Utilizing the immense potential of the crowd, we believe we can achieve our primary goal of recovering the flight where others methods have failed,” he said.

A hugely expansive multinational effort to look for any trace of the missing plane in the southern Indian Ocean drew a blank and is postponed now until late July or August.



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