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Mexico travel warning extended to more areas


USA extends its Mexico travel warning to include 14 states

Almost half of Mexico’s 31 states are now included in the US State Department’s travel warning on the country. The department says that Americans should avoid travelling to all or parts of 14 Mexican states. It’s the broadest advisory published since 2006, when Mexico declared war on drug cartels operating in the country. Many tourists have been the victims of drug violence, including killings, kidnappings and car theft.
Most of the dangerous states are located near the US border and in the west and centre of the country. There are no travel warnings in place for Mexico City or for popular destinations such as Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, but “incidents of violence are occurring more frequently in tourist areas” in Mazatlan. Tourists should also not visit certain parts of Acapulco.
The Huffington Post
[pictured: View from a room at the HolidayInn Resort Acapulco; courtesy IHG]


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