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Mexican muse: Sustainable local dining at Flor de Mayo Hotel and Restaurant


Berlin, June 14, 2013 – In the center of Cuernavaca known as Mexico’s ‘City of Eternal Spring’, lies Flor de Mayo Hotel & Restaurant.

In ancient Mesoamerican cultures, the five petals of the Flor de Mayo’s blossom represented the five senses, a theme which the hotel has adopted and conceptualized throughout the property.  During the six months that the hotel has been open, guests have been invited to experience a plethora of sensory delights in the midst of Cuernavaca’s natural beauty. And now, with the recent opening of the hotel’s restaurant, the experience truly encompasses all the senses. Advocating sustainable dining, it offers some of the most distinctive and creative locally sourced food in the city. Not your run-of-the-mill Mexican eatery, the restaurant uses fruits, vegetables and even flowers in every dish. To celebrate the season, the restaurant launches a new menu at the end of June, paying tribute to the bountiful summer harvest. www.designhotels.com/flor_de_mayo_hotel_restaurant

Nature’s Bounty
Inside the restaurant, warm colors and steelwood chairs by the Bouroullec brothers set the scene for Chef Victor Olvera, the mastermind behind the menu. As a Mexican chef trained in New York, his creations showcase simple honest cooking infused with bold flavors. Olvera’s cooking pays respect to the ingredients with exquisite preparation of Mexican classics accented with Asian flavors, all executed with punch and finesse. Befitting its floral theme and concept of integration within the local community, all fruits, vegetables and flowers used are produced and harvested from the state of Morelos. It’s local cooking at its freshest, whether the ingredients are sourced from a nearby farm or picked directly from the hotel garden.

Buen Provecho!
The restaurant serves two menus. The signature menu offers dishes composed of fresh ingredients available throughout the year, while the seasonal menu changes according to the dates of the solstice and equinox. Rituals associated with the arrival of each season signify a time of cleansing and renewal and the Flor de Mayo blossom is used to represent the five senses. Highlights of the summer menu include a mango and hibiscus flower smoked salmon salad with coconut dressing, huitlacoche tostadas, fried tortillas with Mexican corn truffle topping and xoconostle (cactus fruit) and berries crème brûlée.

As well as visually incorporating the Flor de Mayo theme into its floors, textiles and cuisine, the flora concept is also prevalent in the amenities. From flower and soil spa treatments to organic bath products using local floral extracts and locally sourced honey, the hotel is a true ambassador of Cuernavaca’s flora and fauna.

Rooms start at 185 USD.


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