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Mayor of Vilnius shops for Greek island


Lithuanian hotels and spas could open on the island…

Mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas, best known for running a tank over an illegally parked car in his city last year, is now reportedly looking for an island in Greece that Lithuania could buy. Aside from the fact that such a purchase would probably need a constitutional amendment in Lithuania, Zuokas speculates that Lithuanian hotels and spas would be able to open facilities on the island to promote tourism. Eventually, the island could even become official Lithuanian territory. Cash for developing a new overseas territory could be gained from the European Union, Zuokas says. Greece has already announced that it plans to sell thousands of uninhabited islands to raise money for debts.
However, one problem standing in the mayor’s way is the fact that the City of Vilnius currently owes around €290 million. The city is itself looking to borrow to cover costs.
[pictured: Naxos, Greece]


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