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Mass tourism in Phuket causes problems


Heavy tourism leads to “degradation” of area

The rapid development of mass tourism in the Thai resort of Phuket is leading to the “degradation” of the area, authorities say. The Senate Standing Committee on Tourism has pointed to problems affecting Phuket as a direct result of the fast development of tourism.
“The growth of the tourism industry in Phuket is the source of many problems at its natural tourist attractions. Land and beach encroachment, as well as air and water pollution, are all serious concerns that affect the tourism image of the island,” the second vice chairman of the committee, Pichit Kuandachakupt, said.
Other issues having a negative impact on visitors’ experiences include vendors harassing tourists and too many beach chairs and umbrellas.
However, as well as the need to improve tourists’ experience, the vice chairman also stressed the positives: “Phuket has many beautiful natural tourist attractions. It is like a dream destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Every year it generates a great deal of revenue for Thailand.”
Phuket Gazette
[pictured: Patong Beach]


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