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Marketing uses “scents of paradise” for agents


Reunion Island Tourism sends fragrance boxes to agents

Reunion Island Tourism is, by the end of this month, sending 700 fragrance boxes to travel agents across Germany to draw attention to the tiny, exotic French Indian Ocean island under its latest marketing offensive.

The agents were selected for having attended roadshows, visiting the Reunion stand at travel trade fairs, attending marketing seminars and online training sessions and participating in educational tours and fam trips to Reunion. A personal letter further explains about the box’s contents while also expressing thanks for continued support by sending clients to the island.

This follows a mid-year campaign when a treasure hunt unfolded in the cities of Frankfurt and Munich, which Reunion’s tourist board says proved “hugely successful”.

In the fragrance boxes, three flavours have been chosen to symbolise three themes: hiking and waterfalls in a fresh scent that evokes nature; a cocktail at sunset in a fragrance that evokes “the image of the Indian Ocean facing a romantic sunset”; and a picnic in a Creole garden, in a sweet vanilla-and-coconut scent “evoking the image of meals, exotic fruits and flower gardens”.


[pictured: Welcome to Reunion marketing image]


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