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Marketing portrays Nepal as more than trekking


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Tourist board points at culture, soft adventures, corporate incentives
With Nepal already well established as a destination for trekking and mountaineering, the NTO is now promoting the destination for culture, soft adventures and corporate incentives, hoping to widen its market and achieve less seasonal footfalls.
“Our aim is to promote Nepal as a very high value, unique experiential destination,” says Deepak Raj Joshi, the Nepal Tourism Board’s chief executive.
“We also want to grow tourist arrivals in line with the new National Tourism Strategy 2016-2025, which targets 2.52 million tourists annually by 2025.”
This year, Nepal is expected to reach its one-million arrival mark for the first time in its history. From January to June, arrivals rose by 41.5% to 460,237 tourists.
“Tourism in Nepal has completely recovered from the earthquake of 2015,” the CEO said. “Part of the reason for the strong growth is that tourists who had held back their holiday plans to Nepal after the earthquake were finally back this year.”
The tourist board is conducting more promotions toward niche interest groups such as birdwatchers, photographers and Buddhists. Lumbini, Buddha’s birthplace, is attracting Buddhists from around the world who begin a religious circuit to India from Nepal.
Marketing efforts will also play up Nepal’s culture, its national parks and local cuisine.
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