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Marketing changes to fit consumer trends


Explosion of social media leads to client behavioural changes

With the explosion of social media, customers are no longer passive receivers of goods. This means that traditional approaches to marketing, such as “Awareness, Interest, Demand, Action”, are now outdated. The marketing process today makes use of a mix of online resources – search engines, customer-generated blogs and reviews, online communities and so on.
Laura Patterson, president and co-founder of VisionEdge Marketing, Inc., suggests a new set of labels that incorporates consumer behaviour: “Contact, Connect, Conversation, Consideration, Consumption, Community”. For example, contact is what really matters rather than awareness – building a contact database that says whether the people gave permission to contact them, the “freshness” of the contacts and how often contacting them leads to “connects – contacts who have responded favourably in virtual communication.
[photo courtesy TAVA / Latvian Tourism]


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